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#1 сајт за одрасле
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tell me what you want

Године 28 из Charleston, West Virginia На мрежи - пре 6 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 227 миља)

i like playing role and ask fewer what ever you want

I want a man to dominate me in bed

Године 41 из Simpsonville, South Carolina На мрежи - пре 6 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 397 миља)

I like for someone to take control over me I like some pain like pulling my hair, bite my neck I also want a man to gentle and treat me right

Confident and Dominant

Године 26 из Atlanta, Georgia На мрежи - пре 3 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 518 миља)

I am a domme looking for a sub. I like to be respected and treated well, and in return I like to spoil my sub, but let’s not forget who is in charge 😜

Hello there

Године 38 из Manhattan, New York На мрежи - Јуче
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 219 миља)

Don't have a problem if you are a novice , want a sub who is ready to be trained and owned .

Looking for slave to serve and obey me

Године 35 из Columbus, Ohio На мрежи - пре недељу дана
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 305 миља)

am cute and sexy mistress and beautiful and open minded and passionate and am into face setting and strap on and am honest and faithful and like traveling and cooking and walking

Mistress searching for obeying slave

Године 18 из Baxley, Georgia На мрежи - пре 4 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 572 миља)

Hi, I am a bit new to BDSM but I enjoy having as much control as possible. I need someone who doesn’t mine being commanded or having to do tasks that degrade them as well as being able to withstand public humiliation. Talk to me if you want to know...

here for a good time not a long time

Године 19 из Knoxville, Tennessee На мрежи - пре недељу дана
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 408 миља)

Inexperienced looking for a dom no strings attached

Im a strong sub needing a Mistress

Године 27 из Louisville, Kentucky На мрежи - пре 6 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Жену (Удаљеност 450 миља)

Seeking a powerful mistress to lead me! I NEED to submit and serve 24/7. My Mistress needs to be confident and give me lots of structure and control and willing to share me with my extremely powerful Master

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